Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care in Hopkins MN

many women use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy

Throughout the course of your pregnancy in Hopkins MN, you will experience many physical changes. Hormonal changes have an influence on the ligaments that hold your joints together, making them more relaxed. This can have an impact on your posture and comfort. As your baby grows your center of gravity begins to shift and your posture is forced to adjust. These changes usually lead to spinal misalignment.

Some of the physical changes during pregnancy may lead to symptoms such as:

  • Lower back pain from a protruding abdomen, increasing your lower back curve
  • Gluteal and hip pain caused by changes to your pelvis as your body prepares for delivery.
  • Headache, neck, upper back, arm and leg pain from adaptions to your posture.

Chiropractic care during your pregnancy can address these issues. A collaborative study of chiropractic and medical care revealed that 75% of pregnant chiropractic patients reported pain relief. Chiropractic treatment aimed at improving the alignment of your pelvis and spine does more than just make you feel better, It can be beneficial for your baby as well.

How can chiropractic care help your baby to be in Hopkins MN?

Subluxations or misalignments of your pelvis can restrict the amount of space available for your developing baby. This condition is known as intrauterine constraint, unfortunately, severe cases can lead to birth defects.

Another complication of a misaligned pelvis can restrict your baby’s ability to move into its best position to be born, which is the rear facing head-down position. The baby’s position can affect the mother’s ability to have a natural noninvasive birth.

Balancing the pelvis with chiropractic care can lower the chance of a baby moving into a breach or posterior position. Non-optimal birthing positions can lead to longer, more complicated deliveries.

We recommend that mothers get evaluated utilizing the Webster technique to monitor the babies positioning and, when necessary, adjust the pelvis to help reposition the baby beginning at the seventh month.

Evidence indicates improved outcomes in labor and delivery with mothers who have received chiropractic care. Pre-natal chiropractic care can help you maintain a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy including relief of nausea and indigestion.

Schumacher Chiropractic Pre and Post-Natal Care Considerations

First and Second Trimester

  • Careful chiropractic evaluation of the spine
  • Reviewing nutritional & exercise lifestyle (top 10 foods to avoid and walking)
  • 2 visits a month or per patient needs

Third Trimester

  • Evaluate sacrum using the Webster Technique
  • Visits may go weekly or per patient needs in the last 4-6 weeks
  • Exercise lifestyle may need to be altered

Post-Natal Recommendations

  • Optimal hydration and calorie intake
  • Review nutrition and stress levels
  • Encourage exercise
  • Weekly visits or per patient needs

Whether or not to see a Chiropractor during pregnancy is one of the most important decisions an expectant mother will make. Pregnancy is an important time for nerve impulses to flow uninterrupted from the brain to all the parts of the body.

A slightly misplaced vertebra (Vertebral Subluxation) can create nerve irritation, which can and will interfere with the body’s nervous system. By using special or modified techniques, your chiropractor can restore the function of your nervous system and improve your overall wellness. This can help ensure a better quality labor and delivery.

In fact, research has proven that:

  • 84% of pregnant women treated by Chiropractic care received profound relief from low back pain
  • Women who received Chiropractic care had nearly a 25% reduction in the average labor time versus the “accepted average labor time”
  • With women who had given birth in the past, that number rose to 33%
  • Postpartum pain was relieved in 75% of moms.

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