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Hopkins Clinic Doctors & Staff

Meet the doctors at Schumacher Chiropractic Hopkins Clinic and learn how our practice began.

Schumacher Chiropractic was first established in 1981 by Dr's. Steve and Mark Schumacher in our hometown on the east side of St Paul. Dr Bill joined them in 1984 and later moved to Hopkins to open a second clinic with Dr. Dan in 1987. Since then, both Dr. Bill and Dr. Dan have had extensive experience working with injuries of all types. Schumacher Chiropractic excels in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions, utilizing the most up-to-date manipulation techniques, modatilities, and acupuncture. Our clinic uses a team approach when evaluating patients because we feel four opinions are better than one. Our philosophy serves our patients well.

Meet our wonderful chiropractic professionals:

Bill Schumacher, DCWilliam "Bill" Schumacher, DC

Dan Schumacher, DCDaniel "Dan" Schumacher, DC

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