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Cervical Vertebrae

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Cervical Vertebrae

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The seven cervical vertebrae and subluxation related conditions.


Blood supply to the head, pituitary gland, scalp, bones of the face, brain, inner and middle ear, sympathetic nervous system.

Headaches, nervousness, insomnia, head colds, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, nervous breakdowns, amnesia, chronic tiredness, dizziness.


Eyes, optic nerves, auditory nerves, sinuses, mastoid bones, tongue, forehead.

Sinus trouble, allergies, pain around the eyes, earache, fainting spells, certain cases of blindness, crossed eyes, deafness.


Cheeks, outer ear, face bones, teeth, Trifacial nerve.

Neuralgia, neuritis, acne or pimples, eczema.


Nose, lips, mouth, Eustachian tube.

Hay fever, runny nose, hearing loss, adenoids.


Vocal cords, neck glands, pharynx.

Laryngitis, hoarseness, throat conditions such as sore throat or quinsy.


Neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils.

Stiff neck, pain in upper arm, tonsillitis, chronic cough, croup.


Thyroid gland, bursa in the shoulders, elbows.

Bursitis, colds, thyroid conditions.

*Information published in Gray's Anatomy, 30th Edition, Page 5.